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Travel Smart Week 16th – 20th October 2017


The children took part in a ‘Walking Bus’ as part of the Travel Smart scheme. Margaret and Sandra walked with the children from the football fields at the bottom of the village up to school. Parents were also invited to join in the walk!

Blooming Marvellous in April 2016!

A big thank you to Ashbourne and District 50+ Group for their kind donation of Narcissi bulbs. The children had fun in February planting the bulbs in the school garden. The bulbs were planted in circles around the fruit trees, lining the edges of our willow tunnel, sheds and walled garden. The result is an amazing splash of colour to the school this spring.

IMG_2475 IMG_2474 IMG_2473 IMG_2472 IMG_2471 IMG_2470 IMG_2469

After School Eco Club – March 2016

The children in the after school club enjoyed revising the parts of a flower, as they created colourful art pieces to decorate the outside planters surrounding the school.


IMG_2427 IMG_2426 IMG_2425


IMG_2422 IMG_2421 IMG_2419

Eco Club Litter Pick – March 2016

The Eco Committee walked around the village and picked up litter as part of the school’s commitment to ‘Community Clear Up Week’ being organised ahead of the Queen’s 90th Birthday.


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Eco Club Visit to Parwich Hall Gardens – Winter Walk – November 2015

 The children walked up to Parwich Hall on Tuesday 17th November and were treated to a guided tour around the gardens, vegetable patch, greenhouses and wood by Mr Ian Warner, the gardener at the Hall.

The children found out about the work that takes place in a winter garden and saw the vegetables which were currently growing outside and in the greenhouses.

It was also explained to the children how a large garden handles, recycles and reduces waste.  The Hall garden has its own mere which collects spring and rain water, this is then used to feed the fish pond and the water buts for watering the plants reducing the use of mains water.

It was a very breezy but enjoyable trip out.  A big thank you to Mr & Mrs Shields from all the children and staff for allowing us to come and see your garden.

IMG_1911 IMG_1909 IMG_1908 IMG_1907 IMG_1904 IMG_1902 IMG_1901 IMG_1898 20151117_161357 20151117_160916 20151117_155725

20151117_155603  20151117_155339 20151117_155153 20151117_160447

20151117_155131 20151117_155420

Travel Smart Week Monday 19th – Friday 23rd October 2015

The Eco Committee arranged a ‘Walking Bus’ for children and parents as part of the Travel Smart scheme.  Margaret and Sandra walked with the children from the football fields at the bottom of the village up to school.  Parents were also invited to join in the walk!


20151020_084150 20151020_084144

Eco Committee Members & Monitors – September 2015

Eco have been busy clearing the school garden ready for winter. The children who attend the after school club have been researching sensory gardens.

Eco Committee Members 2015

Eco Monitors 2015

Eco Committee After School Club – 23 June 2015

We had a great time making healthy fruit, yoghurt and granola parfait!

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DSC_0256 DSC_0254

Eco Committee After School Club – June 2015

The children, with help from parent volunteers, have been busy planting flowers and shrubs and clearing weeds.  The school garden was open to the public as part of the Parwich & District Horticultural Society Open Garden event on Sunday  21st June.

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20150609_155322 20150609_155307

Eco Committee After School Club – May 2015

The children have been busy weeding and turning over the soil in preparation for planting vegetables in the school garden.  The children wish to thank Joanne Jones for all her help with the gardening and with the after school club.

The vegetables have now been planted and we hope to keep the slugs and snails away for a good harvest later in the year.  The Rhubarb is ready and the first cut has been harvested, this was made into a crumble by Shelley in our kitchen and offered to the children at lunchtime served with custard, Yum!

IMG_1259 IMG_1257 IMG_1256 IMG_1255IMG_1254

 DSC_1172 DSC_1169 DSC_1164 DSC_1159 DSC_1161


 IMG_1266 IMG_1261

Eco Committee, Club & Monitors – January 2015

Eco have been busy monitoring resources around school. The children who attend the after school club  have been researching tools, gardening equipment and plants.  They have also been researching and cooking healthy food.

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IMG_0875 IMG_0873 IMG_0872 IMG_0871 IMG_0870 IMG_0869 IMG_0868

Eco Committee Update – June 2014

Eco Committee - June 2014

Eco Healthy Eating Cookery Club – Autumn 2013 

Eco Committee Club have enjoyed preparing healthy recipies in this terms after school club.

DSC06724  DSC06719 DSC06718 DSC06717 DSC06715 DSC06714 DSC06720

Eco Christmas Cards 2013

We have decided to have a ‘Christmas Card Free’ school this year. Instead we have made some tags from recycled Christmas cards which the children can write messages to their friends on. We will then hang the tags onto our school Christmas tree.

The tags will cost 10p each and the children can write as many as they like. The Eco Committee will use the money raised to buy items for the school and gardens, or recycling bins for the classrooms!

 Eco After School Club – October 2013

We have been busy in the school garden, weeding, composting and clearing the fallen leaves!

DSC05028 DSC05032 DSC05027 DSC05025