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Holidays During Term Time

Please read the following information regarding term time holidays which may only be granted by the Headteacher in exceptional circumstances. A ‘Holiday Request Form’ is available from the school office and should be submitted two weeks before the planned holiday.

Parents of a child of compulsory school age have a legal responsibility to ensure that their child receives sufficient and suitable full-time education, either at school or otherwise. If the child is registered at a school, parents must ensure regular attendance and punctuality. The Local Education Authority has a legal duty to see that these statutory obligations are met.

The Education Welfare Service, on behalf of the Authority, seeks to help parents resolve poor attendance. Parents are asked to seek early advice from the school or the Education Welfare Service if their child is beginning to experience difficulty in attending school. Help at an early stage is usually most effective.

Regular attendance is essential for a child to make satisfactory educational progress. It is the best way of ensuring greatest benefit from education and the way in which friendships are developed and membership of groups is formed. Punctuality is important to help a child become a dependable adult and, eventually, a reliable employee.
Children may have to stay away for illness or other exceptional reasons, but they should only be absent when it is absolutely essential. Your child’s school or the Area Education Office can give advice on what reasons for absence are acceptable by law.

Taking children out of school for holidays is not a right. Only the school can authorise these absences. A maximum of ten days a year can be authorised but this will not be the case if these days clash with significant events in the school year such as exams, or if the absence would be a significant disruption to your child’s educational progress.

When a child is absent, parents should notify school as soon as possible, giving the reason. Notifying the school of the reasons for absence is important so the school can determine in the register whether it is an authorised or unauthorised absence. They are required to publish annually their absence figures in the school prospectus and Governors’ report to parents; and to include in their annual reports to parents about individual children the number of times the pupil has been absent without authority (unauthorised).

Parents should be aware that there is a new Government requirement to audit whole school attendance figures by adding authorised and unauthorised absences together. Should this joint figure be considered excessive, action will be taken by the Authority to improve attendance.