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Autumn Term 1 2018

It has been a busy time in the Infant Classroom over the last 5 weeks!
Our Topic This Term is ‘The Rain Forest’

The children have created a rainforest tree crawling with insects & trees frogs, ensured they had a fire to keep them warm on their adventures in the Amazon by building a campfire and used clay to create toucans.

Getting Physical!

Reception have had fun improving their fine and gross motor skills. Animal rescue was a firm favourite!

Outdoor Learning – Science – Autumn Term 1 2018

We have been learning about plants and animals. The children are now able to recognise the features of common plants and have enjoyed finding them in and around our school garden and Parwich.  We were lucky enough to harvest rhubarb, apples and strawberries, which we used to create a delicious crumble. Additionally, the children identified deciduous and evergreen trees by their leaves and enjoyed stomping through the crunchy autumn leaves that had fallen.

Topic – Animals – Summer Term 1 2018


Henri Rousseau – Summer Term 1 2018

As part of their animal topic, our Infant Class have enjoyed creating their own multi-media version of Henri Rousseau’s tiger in a tropical storm.  They experimented with oil pastels, watercolour paints,

pencils and tissue paper. The children particularly enjoyed blending the oil pastels with their fingers and blowing the watercolours to create different effects. They created the illusion of the tiger hiding from the storm by cutting a slit in their picture, attaching the tiger to a lollipop stick and moving the tiger, so it could leap behind the bushes. They were very impressed with their outcome.

Design & Technology – Musical Instruments – Summer Term 1 2018

The children have been able to play a variety of musical instruments. They researched each instrument and looked at how they could use this to create their own designs. They thoroughly enjoyed using a variety of materials to create their unique instruments.

Sudbury Hall & Museum of Childhood Visit – Tuesday 20 March 2018

Our Infant pupils visited Sudbury Hall and Museum of Childhood. Whilst there, they were given the opportunity to view and play with an amazing array of toys through the ages including the Betty Cadbury Collection of Playthings Past, many of which they had learnt about during their History Topic. The children were also able to discover outside and walk through the Victorian street, where they played jacks and marbles. One of our pupils was especially good at playing with the whip & top. The workshop furthered their knowledge of toys from the past and enabled the children to sort and touch a selection of historic toys.

Additionally, they experienced first-hand the realities of life for children employed through the ages. They ventured down a Victorian mine tunnel and found out what life was like for children working in domestic service. All of our pupils daringly crawled into darkness to get a feel for what it would have been like for the real life chimney sweeps.

The children were a pleasure to take out: they listened intently to all of the information and were rewarded with some adventure time at the outdoor playground.

Owl Themed Afternoon – Autumn Term 2 2017

As part of the School Open Afternoon, the Infant Class children engaged with a range of owl themed activities.

Our Changing Seasons Display – Autumn Term 2 2017

As part of an ongoing Science focus, the Infant children have been recording the changes in the weather over the last few weeks. We have set up an interactive display in the classroom for children to track the changes in days, months, and seasons. We will make further recordings later on during winter, spring and then summer and produce a report of our observations to see how the weather was different during the different seasons.

Firework Pictures and Poetry – Autumn Term 2 2017

After the fun and excitement of Firework Night, the children in the Infant Class were inspired to draw pictures to represent the patterns, shapes and colours of fireworks in the night sky. We explored the sounds of fireworks using onomatopoeia and developed our ideas into firework shape poetry.

Marvelous Fruit Salad – Autumn Term 1 2017

The Infant Class children have been all tutti fruity over the last few weeks!

We began by exploring a range of different fruit using our senses and created a bank of adjectives to describe them. We enjoyed tasting them and thought carefully about which fruits we thought were the sweetest and which were most sour.

We then made observational drawings of fruit using a range of art materials and drew portraits in the style of Archimboldo.

We looked at the features of a recipe for a fruit salad. We then wrote our own recipe for a Marvelous Fruit Salad. We enjoyed preparing our fruit salads, following our own recipes, and thought they were delicious to eat.

Finally, we looked at the labels on the fruit packaging and found out where the different fruits had come from. We concluded that most of the fruit had come from Europe, but the exotic fruits had come from Central America.

Role Play – The Three Billy Goats Gruff – Autumn Term 1 2017

As part of our learning in Literacy, the children have engaged in role play activities to re-enact the traditional story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. They explored both small world role play and live action role play. They took turns in role as different characters, including the narrator, and developed story language and expression.

Tree Hunt Around the Village – Autumn Term 1 2017

As part of a Science focus, children in the Infant Class enjoyed exploring the village in search of different types of trees.

We looked at the leaves on different trees and then worked out what types of trees we had found by comparing the leaves to pictures on a reference sheet. We collected leaves to take back with us to school and labelled the different leaves. We wrote down our initial thoughts about whether we thought the trees were deciduous or evergreen by looking at whether the leaves had changed colour or had fallen from the trees.

Nature Inspired Artwork – Autumn Term 1 2017

Children in the Infant Class have been looking at the unusual Renaissance artwork of Archimboldo, an Italian painter who is remembered for the way he integrated pictures of fruit, vegetables and other natural items into his portraits of people.

The children collected a range of natural objects from the village churchyard. They then arranged the objects in the form of faces. We agreed as a class that these pictures look fantastic!


Pizza Making – Summer Term 2 2017

As part of our learning in Literacy, the Infant Class have looked at the traditional tale of The Little Red Hen and have compared it to an alternative version called The Little Red Hen Makes A Pizza. They enjoyed making (and eating) a pizza for themselves and then wrote a set of instructions using ‘bossy’ verbs.


DT Project – Summer Term 1 2017

To make a 3D world where the dinosaurs would be able to live and survive.

The children in the Infant Class have been busy creating habitats for the dinosaurs to live. They thought carefully about what an animal like a dinosaur would need in order to survive. The children have developed art and design skills and techniques, including how to paint a 3D horizon and how to make models of trees that are able to stand up in their 3D dioramas. The children were very proud of their finished products and wrote up an evaluation of the project.


Class Visit to the Sea Life Centre at Birmingham – Thursday 9th March 2017

The children had an exciting visit to the Sea Life Centre at Birmingham. They enjoyed learning about penguins, sharks, jelly fish and a host of other sea life creatures.

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Reception October 2016

Reception have been busy with their number and letter formation.

img_1865 img_1864 img_1860 img_1858 img_1856

Infant Class Topic ’Chocolate

The Infant Class have really enjoyed their first topic of this academic year: ‘Chocolate’. They received Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets for working hard.  These could be exchanged for time spent in the class chocolate factory.

The children also made chocolate playdough, created original boxes of chocolates and researched where chocolate comes from.

img_1662 img_1647 img_1644

Welcome Reception Children 2016-2017


Africa – February 2016

This term we have been learning about life in Africa. We have looked at the climate in comparison to England, researched what it would be like to live there, created African art and experienced African music.

We thought it was important to find out about significant individuals that lived in Africa, so we researched the life of Nelson Mandela.

Here are some quotes from the children;

‘He changed the minds of many people.’

‘He was a very important person.’

‘Nelson was called ‘troublemaker’ by his Father.’

‘He was the first South African President.’

‘Nelson Mandela wanted all races of people to be treated equally.’

During our English lessons we have also used a range of African fiction and non-fiction books, and used them to create our own pieces of writing.

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3.2.16 Ipad 033 3.2.16 Ipad 001

Computing- January 2016

During computing, we have written algorithms and tested them using Beebots.

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Design and Technology- January 2016

We designed, created and evaluated African moving pictures.

3.2.16 Ipad 010 3.2.16 Ipad 008

Reception Transition – 29 June – 2 July 2015

The Children who will be joining us at school in September visited us for a few days of transition. They had great fun in the school garden building houses for the Gruffalo, Mouse, Snake and Owl!

DSC00140 DSC00236 DSC00231 DSC00230 DSC00229 DSC00228 DSC00226 DSC00225 DSC00216 DSC00213 DSC00208 DSC00191 DSC00190

DSC00188 DSC00182 DSC00180 DSC00178 DSC00146


DSC00144 DSC00142 DSC00141

Early Rider – 29 July 2015

DSC00083 DSC00131 DSC00127 DSC00126 DSC00117 DSC00104 DSC00096 DSC00095 DSC00092 DSC00091 DSC00090 DSC00089 DSC00088 DSC00116

Big Write – 26 July 2015

DSC00075 DSC00076DSC00078 DSC00077

Multi- skills with Premier Sport  – 25 July 2015

DSC00017 DSC00018 DSC00024 DSC00026 DSC00027 DSC00028 DSC00029 DSC00030 DSC00032 DSC00034 DSC00036 DSC00051

Reception – February 2015

The Reception children are becoming free writers!  They loved writing letters to friends and family in our classroom post office.

photo 5  photo 4 photo 4 (2)

photo 3 (3) photo 3 (2) photo 2   photo 1 photo 1 (3) photo 1 (2) photo 5 (2) photo 2 (3) photo 2 (2)

Computing – January 2015

Reception and Year 1 have been using Beebots (programmable floor robots) during Computing.

photo 4 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 2 (2)


 KS1 have been improving their balance and core strength during yoga.
They have had lots of fun applying techniques taught by yoga bugs and have learnt new positions and breathing techniques.
Two of their favourites are ‘rock’ and ‘elephant’.

photo 1 (6)

photo 2 (6)

photo 3 (6) photo 4 (5)

KS1 Nativity 2014 – Angel Express

photo 2 (5) photo 2 (4) photo 2 (3) photo 1 (3) photo 1 (4) photo 1 (5)

Autumn Art – October 2014

We enjoyed creating patterns with the items from our Autumn Walk.

DSCN0282 DSCN0268DSCN0277 DSCN0269 DSCN0271 DSCN0273 DSCN0274 DSCN0275 DSCN0276 DSCN0278 DSCN0279 DSCN0281 DSCN0283

Autumn Walk – 8 October 2014

We wanted to find an assortment of different coloured leaves for our Autumn collages.  We identified the deciduous and evergreen trees. The weather didn’t put us off!

photo 4

Reception Starters – September 2014

photo photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo 3

DSCF0801 DSCF0804 DSCF0825

DSCF0826 DSCF0827 DSCF0828 DSCF0829 DSCF0830 DSCF0831 DSCF0832 DSCF0833 DSCF0834 DSCF0835 DSCF0836 DSCF0841 DSCF0846 DSCF0838

Brand New Reading Scheme – Summer Term 2014

We are excited to tell you that we will be launching a brand new reading scheme in September! To support the love of reading Miss Pendrigh has selected a variety of vibrant, thought-provoking and diverse selection of books. The collection  includes, play scripts written by Julia Donaldson, comics, adventure stories, phonic books and Shakespeare to name but a few.  In addition to this we will be launching online reading too!


Science Volcanic Fun – February 2014

Changing materials 

We mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create an erupting volcano. We decided on red food colouring to make it that little bit more realistic!

DSC05729 DSC05730 DSC05735 DSC05744 DSC05746 DSC05747 DSC05751

Multi Skills – February 2014

KS1 got their heart beats racing and tried a variety of different physical skills during P.E.

DSC05639 DSC05641 DSC05646 DSC05651  DSC05669 DSC05674 DSC05679 


EYFS, Phonics, Science & Role Play – Spring 1 2014

This term we have been extremely busy.

Year 1 have been sounding out fabulously as well as blending using their new sounds in phonics, we have even come across some ‘alien’ words!

Reception have been explorers and helped create a jungle in our classroom using natural materials from the local area.

Our science topic ‘material’ led us to explore magnetic materials. We made cuboid gardens and card butterflies and used magnets and magnetic materials to make them fly. We can proudly say we were all successful in creating beautiful flying butterflies!

DSC07135 DSC07075 DSC07073

DSC07071 DSC07070 DSC07069 DSC07068 DSC07146 DSC07143 DSC07137

DSC07132 DSC07124 DSC07119 DSC07118 DSC07114 DSC07105 DSC07103 DSC07101 DSC07100

Barnaby Bear in Chesterfield at Christmas – Monday 2nd December 2013

The Infant Class thouroghly enjoyed our trip with Barnaby to Chesterfield. We explored the market square searching for different Christmas decorations, made our own angle Christmas decorations and our guide for the day took us to the Crooked Spire Church where we retold the nativity story. The Infant class were a credit to the school.

DSC06905 DSC06903 DSC06881 - Copy DSC06879 DSC06874 DSC06862 DSC06861 DSC06860 DSC06841 DSC06840 DSC06837  DSC06830 DSC06834

Practical Maths – Shape, Space and Measure.

Year 1 used rulers to measure the length of different objects in the classroom. They were able to correctly read the lengths in cm with little support.

DSC05077 DSC05076DSC05072 DSC05074 DSC05073 DSC05075

Topic – Autumn 2013

We thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Farm Topic’ and cannot wait to start our new topic ‘Explorers’.


Remembrance Day

We remembered the fallen soldiers and those still serving by creating our own class wreath. Each child individually created a poppy or cross as a sign of remembrance. We then walked to St Peter’s Church, Parwich and laid the wreath on the war memorial in the churchyard.

 DSC05086 - Copy DSC05087

Autumn Walk – Tuesday 15th October 2013

The children enjoyed exploring their senses on a sunny autumn walk around Parwich.

DSC06503 DSC06512 DSC06509 DSC06508 DSC06506 DSC06505 DSC06501 DSC06499 DSC06498 DSC06496