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From Frogspawn to Frog

At the moment we have tadpoles in school! We have been watching them develop from frogspawn over the last five weeks and are hoping they will soon become froglets, so we can release them into nearby ponds. We have enjoyed having them with us, observing their progress and funny ways; nature amazes us!

We will keep you updated on their development.

Goodbye for now Miss Pendrigh and Janet

Goodbye Mrs Jones

Shrovetide Activity Morning

During this activity morning, on Monday 04 March, the whole school were given the opportunity to learn about Shrovetide – Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. The pupils studied the religious importance of the days, enjoyed, once again, measuring for a real purpose to make and serve pancakes and learnt how our local town marks each of the days by holding a Shrovetide Football match.

In preparation for this learning, the pupils enjoyed a visit from the ‘ball painters’ for Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide. Our visitors, brought with them this year’s Shrovetide balls, so the children could see the fine detail on each of the balls and begin to understand the dedication and passion that each artist held for their role in the game.

Congratulations to Richard Smith (Mrs Jones’ Brother) for scoring the only Shrovetide Goal this year, winning 1-0 for the Down’ards!

Fairtrade Fortnight 2019
25th February – 8th March

During Fair Trade Fortnight, Parwich Primary School held a number of activities days in order to enhance the learning experiences offered to our pupils and support international learning.

On Monday 25 February, a representative from the Co-operative Store visited to aid the pupils knowledge and understanding of what Fair Trade means and how it impacts people around the world. The pupils also found out where specific products come from and studied these countries.

On Tuesday 26 February, the whole school visited the new Co-operative Store in Ashbourne to take part in their Ethical Challenge. The children were tasked to find particular Fair Trade products and were also given a guided tour of the store, which included behind the scenes and their recycling centre.



A delightfully sweet aroma drifted along the school corridors, as the whole school thoroughly enjoyed working in small groups to make and bake Lemon and Blueberry Muffins, using Fair Trade products kindly donated by the Co-operative Store in Ashbourne. It was fantastic to observe our older pupils helping the younger Infant pupils follow the recipe and guiding them, when weighing out and mixing the ingredients.

Chinese New Year Day
Tuesday 5th February

On Tuesday 5th February, to celebrate Chinese New Year Day, the children at Parwich Primary School enjoyed a day of Chinese activities: Chinese crafts, Calligraphy and tasting different Chinese foods. They even received a special visit from two piglets to mark it being the ‘Year of the Pig’ in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. As part of the topic on China, they have also been studying the country in more detail and its Ancient Shang Dynasty Civilisation.

Australia Day
Tuesday 22nd January

To celebrate Australia Day, Parwich Primary had a fun Australia-themed day in school. We explored the geography of Australia and compared its population density to that of the UK. The children listened to the story of ‘The First Fleet’ and the Infant children created their own fleet of ships. We also learnt Australian slang and the words behind the famous Australian song ‘Waltzing Matilda’; the children sang this and also listened to ‘Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree’. We studied native Australian animals and famous landmarks – especially Uluru and the Aboriginal people that protect it. The Aboriginal people, animals and landmarks inspired lots of art and craft pieces created by the children. At the end of the day, children took home traditional Australian Anzac biscuits that they baked during the day.



Christmas Party Afternoon

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon, on Thursday 20 December, which included playing games, dancing and being visited by a very special guest: Santa.

Thank you to parents for the generous donations of party food.


Christmas Dinner

With Christmas songs playing in the background, the whole school gathered together to savour a mouth-watering Christmas dinner cooked by Janet Gosling. Thank you, Janet.


Pantomime Trip

Buxton Opera House was the venue for the whole school pantomime trip to watch ‘Dick Whittington’. A fabulous time was experienced by all, seeing this live performance on such a grand stage.


Our Christmas Production – ‘Nativity in Rhyme’

From sheep to wise men, every pupil put their all into their individual roles: all learnt their lines and many song lyrics, delivering excellent performances over two days in front of a very appreciative audience in the Memorial Hall. A huge well done to everyone involved.


The ‘Christmas Experience’

On Thursday 6th December, the whole school visited St Peters Church in Parwich to hear the Christmas story and take part in an unforgettable interactive tour.

The children were guided around displays at the church in small groups, where they heard stories about Christmas at each one from parishioners kindly acting as story-tellers. Each story-teller focussed on a particular aspect of the Nativity – preparation, announcement, promises, journey, message and gift. The children had time for activities and reflection at each display, before gathering around a crib to hear about the wonderful message of the birth of Jesus and to think about what gift they might give him.


Whole School Open Centre and Hindu Temple Trip

 To help our pupils learn about the celebration of Diwali and as part of our RE topic this term on Hinduism, we visited the Open Centre and a Hindu temple in Derby. The children enjoyed hearing about the story of Rama and Sita and making their own Diva lamps, before heading to the Hindu Temple.

 In the temple, the children learnt a little more about the Hindu religion and how Hindus worship God. Our pupils admired the beauty of the temple and, whilst we were there, the children were given the opportunity to watch particular religious practices take place, ask questions and try on traditional Hindu costume. The children enjoyed learning about another faith and, as always, were well-behaved and respectful at all times.

Remembrance – November 2018

As part of their Remembrance Topic this term, the children learnt about World War I and explored, very deeply, the feelings of those involved and surrounded by war.

Following on from their learning, on Friday 9th November, our pupils presented a special Remembrance Assembly for the Parwich community, to mark the centenary of the end of World War I. For the assembly, they prepared their own poems, artwork and World War I songs to share with their audience. The Last Post and two minutes silence took place, as part of the assembly, and we were very proud of the respect the children showed throughout.

All of our pupils enjoyed commemorating the centenary and starting the weekend proceedings of community events within the village. Thank you to all who came to watch the children; they felt very proud to share their work with you.


‘Caveman Day’ Trip – Tuesday 23 October 2018

Inspired by their topic ‘The Stone Age’, the children experienced a fun day of Stone Age activities. They spent the morning at Tanglewood in Tissington, participating in a pre-historic adventure: shelter building, archery and fire making. In the afternoon, they made their own fossils and created their own version of cave paintings. Fun was had by all and the costumes were fabulous.


Dementia Friends Activity Session – Monday 8th October 2018

On Monday 8th October, we had a visit from a Dementia Volunteer, who kindly delivered an interactive activity session for all of our pupils. The aim of the Dementia session was that the children would become more Dementia aware, but more importantly, they would think more carefully about how they treat their elders.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and asked some very valuable questions. We are now a ‘Dementia Friendly’ School and have thought carefully about the ways we can support those with Dementia within our community.

Online Safety Play & Workshop – Thursday 4th October 2018

After the Safer Derbyshire Dales Community Safety Partnership managed to secure funding for the Saltmine Theatre Company to visit schools to present the production ‘Escape’ and deliver interactive workshops, Parwich Primary School booked them immediately.

The company communicated topical messages, allowing all of our pupils to explore issues; they encouraged them to make wise and positive life choices, with regards to e-safety. They covered topics ranging from cyber bullying to the dangers of talking to strangers on the internet. The forest in the play represented the internet. During the play, the main character broke rules, ventured off into the forest and ended up meeting a stranger.

There were three key cyber safety messages:

Never leave the ‘forest path’, or go anywhere with anyone you meet in the ‘forest’;

Never give out your last name, address or telephone number;

If you feel worried or scared, call for an adult that you trust.

During the workshop, our Junior Class children sorted computer games into safe and not safe to play for their age range.  Also, they were told about how to use the report buttons and how important it is to tell someone if they see or read anything that makes them feel uneasy or not quite right. The pupils were also reminded that they should always be aware that it is hard to tell when people are telling the truth; people may not be telling the truth behind the computer screen.

Roald Dahl Activity Day – Tuesday 11th September 2018

We had a fun Roald Dahl Day in school inspired by many of his great books, the children created their own lava lamps, dream catchers, creamy patterns, bubble snakes and rocky roads. George (from George’s Marvellous Medicine), the BFG and Willy Wonka himself would have been very impressed.